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Grant Window - Yes We Can

The Yes We Can window provides core financial support to CSOs to strengthen their systems and processes and help them finance their capacity development plans, which will help them gain access to more predictable funding opportunities in the longer term.

To ensure continuity of CSO capacity development and advocacy initiatives, CSF continues working with CSOs supported during the first phase of CSF. The YWC CSOs are provided with grants of up to a maximum of USD 50,000 each to catalyse their organisational capacity development and advocacy efforts.

The effective involvement of civil society in policy dialogue and advocacy has been a growth area, and CSF provides support CSO grantees to be effectively involved in such discourse, especially at sub national levels. Therefore, a proportion of the funding is ring fenced for advocacy initiatives. The CSOs will implement their activities for 12 months, after which, they will progressively graduate from the programme. CSF will continue to provide direct periodic and demand-driven capacity development support to these CSOs to ease their transition out of the CSF project.