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Grant window – REACH

REACH funding window is geared towards the creation of a suite of relevant activities to strengthen Civil Society. Under the REACH window, relatively large organisations are contracted as Outreach Partners (OPs) which are commissioned to undertake organisational capacity building to transfer skills to smaller CSOs and groups or those with less well-established governance structures, systems etc. These Grants to Outreach Partners must be focused on capacity development.

On CSF 2 World Vision International and ZOA have been selected through a negotiated procedure to identify and support a strong national CSO with operational presence in Yambio and Bor respectively and strengthen their capacity to effectively play the role of facilitating capacity development of smaller CSOs.

Building a cadre of capable National Intermediary Organisations is central to CSF’s strategy of promoting locally driven civil society capacity development. These two INGOs were selected because they have demonstrated capacity of reaching and strengthening grassroots CSOs as exemplified through their work as Outreach Partners in the first phase of CSF. Continued partnership with WVI and ZOA is expected to contribute to building civil society in Yambio and Bor and the relationships and networks that underpin it.