After an international competitive tender process, a Fund Manager and a Third Party Monitoring and Evaluation Agent were appointed on 25 April 2016 to undertake a comprehensive inception phase to set up the Fund. The Fund Manager role is performed by a consortium of four organizations:

Ecorys Netherlands B.V. is a multidisciplinary consultancy organisation based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Ecorys is one of the oldest research and consulting companies in Europe. Today Ecorys is a company with strong European roots, active worldwide and aiming to be involved in challenging issues faced by emerging and developing nations.

Our in house experts combine our experiences of a broad variety of Development projects from all over the world and apply the lessons learned in our new projects, making Ecorys a learning organisation and front runner in Project management and capacity development. Our project management team has experience in South Sudan dating back to 2006. 

VNG International is the international co-operation agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities. VNG International supports local governments, their associations, civil society organisations (CSO’s), ministries and training institutions in developing countries, including fragile states and post conflict environments. VNG International specialises in supporting these beneficiaries through capacity building interventions in the areas of decentralisation, municipal affairs, and community and civil society participation.

International NGO Training and Research Centre - INTRAC is a specialist organisation with over twenty years' experience supporting the organisational and capacity development of civil society organisations worldwide. INTRAC has facilitated reflection and debate on the capacity development of civil society through research, conferences, and publications.

INTRAC delivers high quality capacity building services such as training, coaching and mentoring. They specialise in areas such as capacity building, organisational development, monitoring and evaluation, gender and advocacy and policy influencing. Furthermore INTRAC has built up a strong portfolio of training courses on various aspects of capacity development and deliver on the following core themes:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation (Foundation and Advanced), Impact Assessment, Theory of Change;
  • Participatory Proposal Development, Project Cycle Management;
  • Advocacy and Policy Influencing, Advocacy Planning Monitoring and Evaluation, Influencing and Supporting Change in Complex Contexts, Supporting Southern Advocacy;
  • Organisational Development, Partner Capacity Building, Toolkits for Organisational Change, Training of Trainers, and Facilitation;
  • Gender Analysis and Planning;
  • Use of Evidence, Action Research and Analytical Skills Training.

Akvo is a non-profit foundation, founded in 2007, that creates open source, internet and mobile software and sensors designed to support international development partnership networks. Akvo pioneered the Really Simple Reporting (RSR) tool which is a web and Android-based system that makes it easy for development aid teams to bring complex networks of projects online and instantly share progress with everyone involved and interested. It enables organisations and networks of organisations to monitor project progress and create and share reports that help understand project performance and impact.

Akvo RSR gives each of your projects its own searchable mini web site, offering an overview of your work and the chance to dive down to specifics. Each project page contains detailed information about what's happening, where and who's involved, as well as who the funders are - so your entire network of collaborators is visible.