As CSF we believe that Sustainability of civil society and CSOs is about their ability to remain engaged in activities that are relevant to their constituencies. To contribute to a more inclusive, democratic and pro-poor governance environment in South Sudan we are facilitating partnerships between new and existing institutions We are taking the time to build trust and long-standing relationships. And more so we aim to develop greater dialogue between citizens, Civil Society and government.


CSF offers separate funding windows to CSOs. The objective and focus of the granting is direct funding of South Sudanese CSOs. Grants may however also be given to encourage and incentivise other actors such as INGOs to strengthen and go further in their capacity development of local CSOs.

Grant amount: < $ 600.000

Description: Relatively larger (international) organisations with track record in capacity building of national CSOs.

Grant amount: < $ 50.000

Description: The YWC window targets South Sudanese organisations with track record in working with grassroots CBOs.

Grant amount: < $ 100.000

Description: Ad-hoc CSF partnerships to respond to unique ideas and emerging opportunities (on an individual basis).

CSF projects

The civil Society facility has funded four Outreach Partners to start the following projects

This project focusses on enhanced humanitarian programming and policy engagement capacity among civil society organizations in the Greater Western Equatoria region. WVI proposes a threefold approach to capacity building; firstly, the development of individual skills and expertise of participating CSOs staff. Secondly, the development of the CSO partners’ capacity in terms of its procedures, systems, policies and culture and its ability to relate and act which also includes its organizational sustainability. Lastly, the systemic/societal level which involves changes in societal values, customs, laws, policies and system of governance.

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South Sudan has in the recent past recorded high emergence of South Sudanese civil society organizations. However, they are still limited in terms of technical know-how and resources, particularly inadequate skills in areas of organizational effectiveness, advocacy and resource mobilizations to sustain their activities. The goal of this project is to increase the strength and effectiveness of civil society organizations in NBeG by working with community members, their leaders and authorities/decision makers to deliver on their mandates by building a strong network/alliances that will influence the responsiveness of public institutions at all levels.

Project updates

Protracted conflicts in South Sudan have weakened civil society. In Bor area most CSOs lost their skills to effectively manage and oversee their core functions. As a result, communities are underrepresented in initiatives of (local) government and international organizations to get out of the cycle of violent conflict. Therewith an important link in reaching consensus and support for peace building initiatives remains missing. The goal of this project is to contribute to the development of a stronger civil society in Bor area, represented by CSOs that act and advocate towards authorities and decision makers on behalf of their constituency and in their interest.

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This project will build off of NPA's current civil society work in South Sudan, which is aligned well to the aims of this project. The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity of civil society (communities and groups) in Bor to act on issues that affect them. This will be achieved through achieving two short term outcomes that will lead to the long-term aim of the larger CSF programme of creating positive change and impact within the communities that our civil society partners serve and represent in the project location of Bor.

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CSF is funded by the Governments of Netherlands, Sweden and Norway with Netherlands as the lead donor. The Facility is managed on behalf of the three contributing donors by Mott MacDonald in consortium with INTRAC, VNG International, and Akvo..


The CSF office is located in the NPA building on Martyr road (just off Addis Ababa road) and opposite UNICEF. You can reach us by email: CSF.SouthSudan[at]ecorys.com or complete the form below.