The CSF Believes in Doing things differently As CSF we believe that Sustainability of civil society and CSOs is about their ability to remain engaged in activities that are relevant to their constituencies.  To contribute to a more inclusive, democratic and pro-poor governance environment in South Sudan we are facilitating partnerships between new and existing institutions We are taking the time to build trust and long-standing relationships. And more so we aim to develop greater dialogue between citizens, Civil Society and government.

Investing in Capacity Development

Not just giving grants

In our view civil society and CSOs need more than just funding in order to be sustainable. The CSF has a long-term outlook of 20 years based on five-year cycles. This approach recognises that that building civil society in South Sudan is complex and will take time.

The objective of the fund is to provide long term investments in the development of South Sudanese civil society. This acknowledges the fact that civil society in South Sudan to date has been very dependent on meeting donor’s programmatic priorities. The fund seeks to develop the capacities and strengths of South Sudanese civil society to play a more independent role in humanitarian and development action and to support communities and groups to engage constructively with authorities/decision makers on their needs and priorities.

CSF Funding

Rolling out Grant Windows 

REACH Funding Window 

In January 2018 the first CSF funded programmes started. Through the REACH window four International organisations- World Vision International (WVI), ZOA, United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), and Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) were contracted as Outreach Partners (OPs). These 4 agencies play the role of intermediary capacity development organisations and so far, they have partnered with a total of 29 South Sudanese CSOs, developing their capacity through a mix of training, coaching, mentoring and accompaniment. 

Yes We Can Funding Window 

The much anticipated “Yes We Can” funding window opens in July 2019. This funding window will strictly target South Sudanese Civil Society Organizations that are determined to be at emergent or expanding stages of organisational development,  and will provide them with grants and direct technical support to catalyse their continued organisational capacity development

2019 will also see the launch of the “National CSO to National CSO” capacity development model where up to three relatively strong National CSOs will be identified to act as intermediary organisations.

Partnership Facility 

We are always on the look out for innovative approaches that add value to the CSF Theory of Change and which can be scaled up. PF proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be submitted at the initiative of the CSO, rather than in response to a request from MM.